Born with a silver spoon in his mouth

Ikea white wooden frame which is deep enough to add objects under the glass panel

My other half comes from a tiny cold country in Scandinavia. He is a descendant of the Viking tribe and though he is tall and fair he carries no beard nor axe and is a very peaceful law-abiding gentle man. It is a tradition in his family to buy silver cutlery to a baby as a gift. We inherited the old forks and spoons from his grand-father , Knut ( an ancient royal name which translates as Canute in English) when he passed aged 94. The items are now to precious and fragile to use on a daily basis and after storing them for 5 years in a cardboard box, I decided to use them as ornaments. This goes well with my love of silver and shiny metals too. After a trip to the most famous Scandinavian shop of all ( Ikea) which bears the colours of the Swedish flag, we bought a wooden white frame and inserted the cutlery inside the box. We fixed them with a copper thread after piercing a few holes in the plywood at the back of the frame. We wondered if we should use a bit of wall-paper or paint the background behind the cutlery but as we are always lazy and like simple projects we kept the plywood background as it was. I am really happy with it and it is part of a whole family display in our living room where I have nailed lots of frames containing family pictures.


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