“Here I am sitting in my tin can…”

I was just reading an article about Russian steel production during the Soviet first five-year plan ( yes, this is the sort of subjects I like to peruse in my spare time) and it made me think about how metals are used in the homes for decoration and building purposes. We all live in homes that contain mostly plastic nowadays. However, steel and metal are beautiful to look at. They are usually shiny and silver. Grey and silver are my favourite colours. I did paint a whole wall silver in my entrance hall. I thought about a short recycling post for today. I use a lot of tins when I cook, it is surprisingly cheap and healthy to use pulses, tomato flesh and various beans from tins. So it is a good idea to keep them once emptied and to clean them well in the dishwasher. Once cleaned, the tins give a subtle and simple industrial look on a desk as a pencil holder or they can also be used to plant some seeds for the children. They will love to check the development of their seeds into young growing plants. The tin you can see in the picture is used in my sewing room. It contains two different pairs of scissors because the orange ones need to remain really sharp to cut through fabric whereas the black ones are used for paper or threads. I am adding a tutorial from the lovely Dana if you are not so keen on the simplicity of metal and want to add a splash of colours to your project.However, i prefer to keep my tins as simple as possible so that I can use them in all the rooms and I can also just dump them straight in the recycling bin when I don’t need them anymore.

TUTORIAL: Tin Can Caddy for Earth Day and Mother’s Day



from a simple tin can to a desk pencil and scissors holder.


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