Naan Bread recipe

I invested in a bigger fridge and freezer combo as I would like to be more time-efficient and prepare meals in advance. Now I always have dough in the freezer. This naan bread recipe is ultra simple and the frozen uncooked naans can also be used as a pizza base.

First empty a kilo of white flour in a big bowl. Add two sachets of dried yeast ( fresh yeast is tastier but hard to find in superstores), add salt if you wish although I keep my dough salt free. I believe that adding salt it is a habit that is not compulsory. Stir the dry ingredients well. Then mix tepid water with some olive oil in a jug. If you want, you can add some plain yogurt as well. Make a well and mix the dry and wet ingredients till you get a round ball. A bit of kneading is necessary but I do find it relaxing. The smell of the yeast and the very repetitive movements are almost meditative practice. If you can’t knead well, add more flour because the mixture is too wet. If it crumbles add more water. One needs to do it often so as to feel the dough and adapt the recipe. I never measure amounts but eyeball them. Once the dough is shaped as a ball let it rest for one to two hours under cling film. If you have a freezer, add oil on the kitchen worktop and knead the dough in little balls, with a rolling pin, roll them down so as to obtain flat breads in an oval shape. I usually take a tray and cut squares of baking parchment. each flat bread is piled onto another separated by a layer of baking parchment. Then I put them in the freezer. Whenever I need a naan bread I open the freezer and take one. You just have to cook them for 2 to 3 minutes on each side in a very hot saucepan ( no cooking oil necessary). If kids want pizza for dinner, take one of the frozen dough base with its baking parchment square. Put it on an oven tray, add canned chopped tomatoes and cheddar cheese to make a Marguerita pizza. If your kids have a more knowledgeable palate and open minded taste buds, add fresh garlic, Parmiggiano cheese, basil leaves and mixed herbs. If you eat meat pepperoni, ham or chicken are an easy addition. Put the pizza in the fan-oven for 12 minutes. Done.

PS: I am also partial to a naan bread smothered with Hazelnut spread….





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